Well-known, family-owned, full-service photography business in the Cayman Islands.

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About Rainbow Photo

Established in 1992, Rainbow Photo is a well-known, family-owned, full-service photography business in the Cayman Islands.
Whether you are looking for a 5 min. photo ID or assistance with your immigration paperwork, we pride ourselves in producing only the best for our customers and at the lowest prices on island. Technology has made photography accessible to everyone; however,
Rainbow Photo has been able to keep up with our customers’ demands.
We have come a long way from the old-fashioned way of developing enlargements in the dark room and when the digital age emerged; we jumped right in and progressed to a full-digital photo lab. To meet the needs of our customers, we also assist with General Office duties such as; application forms, cover letters, resumes, travel pre-checks, police clearances, printing, copying, scanning, and more. 

Meet The Team

Blad Quezada Herrera
Blad Quezada Herrera Photo Lab Assistant Technician
Blad is no stranger to the Cayman Islands having been previously employed by Rainbow Photo and the Photo Centre. Blad is from the beautiful island of Dominican Republic and is fluent in English and Spanish. He brings with him over thirty years of photography experience and is skilled in Digital Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements, Freehand and photo restoration. We welcome Blad back to the Rainbow Photo family and we know that our customers are happy to have him back as our Photo Lab Assistant Technician.
Alesandro Escalante
Alesandro Escalante Customer Service Representative/Photo Lab Assistant Technician
Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Alesandro is a welcomed addition to our team as our Customer Service Representative and Assistant Photo Lab Technician. He is the son of well renowned photographer, Miguel Escalante, previous owner of The Photo Centre and ME Photography. Alesandro found his love for photography while training and working under his father’s apprenticeship in his business. His expertise shines in school photography with over 7 years’ experience and ongoing work for various schools such as Joanna Clarke Primary School, International College of the Cayman Islands and George Town Primary School. Alesandro proudly expresses CAYMAN KIND and greets our customers with genuine care and passion. He is always cheerful and willing to go the extra mile to help and will get the job done. You will find Alesandro ready to serve you at Rainbow Photo.
Leatha Morejon
Leatha Morejon Owner/Managing Director
Leatha is the Owner of Rainbow Photo. She is responsible for behind-the-scenes operations and administrative services. She along with her spouse, Luis came up with the idea of Rainbow Photo shortly after the birth of their first child. Luis fell in love with photographing the vivid aspects of the island and Leatha was obsessed with taking photos of her first child; together they established Rainbow Photo
Luis Morejon
Luis Morejon Owner/Photographer
Luis is the Co-Owner of Rainbow Photo. His aptitude for photography initially began during his employment as a Photo Lab Assistant at the Photo Centre. Under the training of Miguel Escalante, well-known island photographer, Luis love for photography flourished and in 1992 he branched out into a business venture along with his spouse, Leatha Morejon to open and operate Rainbow Photo. Luis' Interests; Sports,Football, traveling, gardening and farming. Luis is a well-known sports personality both on the field and off the field. He has been coaching football and volleyball for over thirty years and he has also played on various local football and volleyball teams.
Christopher Cooper Bodden
Christopher Cooper Bodden Photo Lab Assistant Technician
Chris is a welcomed addition to our team as our Photo Lab Assistant Technician. Chris comes from Honduras and is no stranger to the local photography scene as he was previously employed on the island. He is fluent in English, Spanish and some basic Italian and is also able to greet our customers in four other languages. He has worked in the photography field for 12 years on international floors as he was previously employed by Royal Caribbean as the onboard photographer, (doing studio/location, candid scenery, and Wedding photography). His experience includes training photographers and managing the Royal Caribbean’s Photo Lab, custom framing, photo restoration, canvas prints, location photography, and digital photography. His experience and interaction with different cultures around the world gained by cruising the Royal Caribbean is an asset to Rainbow Photo as he brings a wealth of knowledge of the Photography world with him. Chris’ Interests include photography (of course), online games, sports, poetry, and drawing/painting.

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